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Is your driveway, patio or parking area starting to drag down the appearance of your home or business premises? Right now Driveway  & Patio Cleaning walsall is operating a service which will definitely help you to impress your guests and visitors.


We have invested in the latest rotary headed commercial pressure cleaning equipment which allows us to work to the highest standards, without fuss, mess and minimal upheaval.

Our pressure washing equipment is powerful enough to remove virtually all dirt, weeds, moss, lichen and algae from any hard surface.



Our range of services include:-



Block Paving cleaning in walsall


Patios cleaing in walsall


Paths cleaning in walsall


Driveways cleaning in walsall


Concrete cleaning in walsall


Tarmac cleaning in walsall


Wooden Decking cleaning in walsall


Tennis Courts cleaning in walsall


Stables cleaning in walsall


Swimming Pool Areas cleaning in walsall


Shopping Precincts cleaning in walsall


Business Forecourts cleaning in walsall


Car Parks cleaning in walsall


Wall Cleaning in walsall


Weed killing and Removal of algae, moss, dirt, grime. Decking, Hard Surfaced

Garden Furniture Cleaning and Graffiti Removal.


All of these features mean that you can now bring your property back to its former beauty without causing any damage to its structure or the surrounding environment









 Driveway cleaning walsall  specialize in serving the needs of private homes, also  businesses in walsall and surrounding areas that require the highest standards of cleaning at very competitive prices.


Whether you need a residential driveway or office block car park service, we have the cleaning solution that you need at affordable prices.


Patios & paths  and driveways can become increasingly dangerous and unsightly if not attended to, especially during the winter months due to algae. After cleaning I can provide an antifungal wash treatment and can also offer a weedkilling service and  re sanding service if required to keep it looking like new paving for longer.



This area has been cleaned with a lance

         Leaveing Lines Behind



This Area Was Cleaned With A Rotary Floor Cleaner

                                                               No lines left behind


The advantage of power!


Why use our services instead of buying a small unit from a diy store? The answer is power.


The diy unit will produce 200psi at best. There plastic lance will loose some of this power.

The machine we use are Diesel driven pressure washers producing upto 3600psi.


Don’t be fooled in buying a small pressure washer to clean your driveway or patio area

If it was that simple don’t you think we would be using the same?


Most small floor cleaners will not remove the dirt as there is no where near enough pressure 200psi





That’s why we use 3600psi of pressure making sure we clean    

the floor back to The original new looking condition



Restore your drive, path or patio, no matter if it is concrete,

natural stone or block-paving the



will bring it back to life        





Using varible high pressure water up to  (3600 psi) 4 / 5 times the power of a standard jet-washer, the rotary head cleaner will not leave unattractive “striping” like a standard lance on a jet-washer, also splashing is minimal it works at ground level. see film clip below






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A No Obligation Demonstration









Stage 1. Survey the driveway and patio to be cleaned.



Stage 2.  Apply weedkiller (so it gets to work fast)



Stage 3. Treat any difficult areas such as oil stains on drives.



Stage 4. Using industrial equipment clean the entire area removing algae, dirt, weed growth and most stains.



Stage 5. Re- sand the driveway or patio this can only be done once the area is dry.




Q. How long will the cleaning take?

A. In most cases the initial drive or patio cleaning will be completed in one day.


Q. Re- sanding a Weather permitting within 24 - 48 hours,

A. The drive - patio area must be completely dry to carry out this process, again this should be completed within 1 day.


Q. Will I have to stay off the area after cleaning?

A. No but after the area has been weed treated it is recommended to keep all children, pets and the public off the area until it dries, normally within 2 hours.


Q. Will any of the stages damage my block paving?

A. No - the rotary cleaners we use are designed to provide even pressure this equipment will not damage any flat surface, it will not undermine the sub- base or sand infill it may remove old lose mortar which may need re- pointing as a result.



The Price we quoted is  the price you pay.

There are no hidden extras .


No salesmen will call - only skilled tradesmen

Professional and efficient with minimal disruption

Your satisfaction is our guarantee

We cover most areas of  Walsall and the West Midlands


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fully insured

All work Guaranteed 100%